The Center of Studies and Researches on Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism is proud to present its first-ever online event which will happen from 5th to 9th of April of 2021.


The international event

“What is left of the Swastika: nazism, negationism and memory”

is a student initiative of the coordinators of the NEPAT, and will include round tables with researchers, a workshop, and student speakers.

The goal of the event is to foster reflections about the dangers of the permanence of nazi ideology and discourse in the present days, as well as to better understand the Third Reich, this “past that won’t pass”.

The whole program, except the workshop, will be free of cost and we will issue certificates for the participants who attend 50% of the activities. The event will be transmitted live on Youtube, so make sure to subscribe to our channel in advance and click the bell notification button so you don’t miss anything.


The event’s schedule will be released soon and we will also have themed content related to the event throughout the month!

So stay tuned and join us!


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Desnazificando is an entirely feminine initiative podcast idealized and produced by the coordinators of the Center for Studies and Research on Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism at UFMG (NEPAT). On this podcast, we talk about research, education, Nazism, the twentieth century, public history and anything else. Our goal is to discuss concepts, ideas and events in a fun way, but with depth and quality.


Latest news

Organização de estudos e pesquisas:

tabelas de leitura

📚 No terceiro IGTV da série de organização de estudos e pesquisas nós viemos falar sobre como organizar suas leituras por meio de tabelas.

Mostramos como organizamos as abas das tabelas, pensando na divisão temática de leituras. Também falamos sobre inserir fichamentos em atraso, textos que estão escritos a mão e precisam ser passados pro computador e como ter um registro geral dessas leituras.

📑 Programa utilizado: tabelas do Google.

Esperamos que vocês gostem desse vídeo, vocês pediram nos stories e fizemos com muito carinho!


NEPAT [Center of Studies and Researches on Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism] is an entirely female student initiative of undergraduate, master and doctorate students in History at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. The aim of the Center is to show the competence of Brazilian productions about the 20th Century and to insert The Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in the international and national scenario as a reference center in the studies on totalitarianism and World War II.


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